Hi, I'm Nick.

in a nutshell:

I live in Los Angeles, CA where I work as a Frontend Web Developer at Hot Topic, Inc during the day. On nights and weekends, I run a small but mighty web development agency called Boldly Fine, LLC where we design and build slick, user-friendly websites for small and large businesses. I’m also a Squarespace Authorized Trainer, where I help people learn how to build their OWN websites with YouTube videos and 1-on-1 training sessions.

out of a nutshell:

My first love is music.

I’ve been drumming basically my whole life, which led me to pursue a Jazz Performance degree at Arizona State University. After my undergrad, I quickly moved to LA shortly after graduating to try and make it in the music industry, along with my bad ass artist wife.

That was hard... fun, but hard.

So I got a job at a fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills to pay the bills. Slowly but surely, that creative entrepreneurial bug which is known to roam the streets of LA found its way deep into my head and convinced me to quit my job at the fancy restaurant to pursue a tech career. This new lifestyle gave me the time and space to keep playing music at night and on the weekends while not being totally broke. Little did I know that this new industry would become a newfound passion. I feel very lucky to have fallen into coding and design.

warning: 🤓 nerd alert 🤓

I’m a full-stack web developer and web designer working primarily with the JavaScript, Node.js, Salesforce, and React on the dev side and the Adobe Creative Suite and Squarespace on the design side.

But I’m not just a web dev nerd… I’m the world’s biggest band nerd too. I marched drum corps (professional marching band) for five years and am still very active in the scene where I judge high school marching band shows, and travel the world teaching percussion clinics.


Stuff I'm
Not Bad At


Stuff I'm
Definitely Bad At

Waking Up
Killing Spiders
Picking a Movie
Leg Day
Freestyle Rapping


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