Evergreen Law: Website Redesign Project

Evergreen Law Website Redesign
Project Scope

Project Scope

It should come as no surprise that the cannabis industry is projected to boom in the United States in the next few years. With that in mind coupled with society in general loosening up the grip propaganda has held on the plant as a legitimate medication with proven applications that can really help people who have suffered for so long (even with a prescription drug cocktail of doom), I jumped at the opportunity to get my foot in the door and expand my website portfolio's "genre" game.

This project was a pretty large scope and I knew I couldn't do it all myself, so my all-star crew at Boldly Fine combined forces to spearhead this thing. Here is a list of items in the scope of the project

Completely redesign the client's old site from scratch

  • Migrate the site to the Squarespace hosting platform
  • Re-route the current domain to the new host
  • Create a mobile-friendly version of the website

Develop a consistent brand

  • Develop a consistent brand in line with the existing logo
  • Find a simple, flat color scheme & contrasting, yet complimentary typography

Incorporate a "modern, clean, minimalist" feel

  • "De-clutter" and reorganize the information to make the site as easy-to-use as possible

Creatively rewrite the current copy

  •  Make copy more enjoyable to read from an outsider perspective
  • This also was aimed to drastically improve the site's SEO
  • Create new custom blog content

Drastically improve the domain's SEO

  • (Search Engine Optimization)
  • The site didn't rank at all, so we had to put it on the map for the client's target keywords. See results in tab above.

Develop, produce, record & launch a custom Podcast channel

  • Provide a professional studio to record the episodes
  • Design and create custom album artwork
  • Design and create a custom-designed audio intro
    • Produce original music with a professionally recorded voiceover to introduce the host and the purpose of the podcast to the listener
    • Cut/edit/mix/master the audio
    • Submit the podcast to multiple Podcasting hosts such as Apple, Stitcher, and Soundcloud
    • Transcribe every word of the recorded audio into a readable blog post (for accessability and SEO benefits)

Create a customized consultation scheduling system

  • Embedded in the contact page, complete with online payments
  • Payments to be sent directly from customer to client's bank account in-house

Add a "chat box" feature

  • Users can type in questions to a customer service rep directly from the website in real time

  • Aimed to increase sales conversions

Color Scheme

Final UI Color Scheme

(check out my favorite tool to find a sexy color scheme)

Evergreen Law:Cannalaw Connections- COLOR_SCHEME.png
Podcast Production

The Podcast

I have worked on other podcasts in the past and am an avid listener to too many podcasts, but I was excited to finally take on the role as the sole producer of a podcast series. Again, this is a big project that involves a lot of different skillsets, so I brought on the best to do the stuff I suck at.

Sound Design/Audio Engineer: Drew Guy
Intro Voiceover: Mindy Duits
Artwork: Abdul Wahab

Give our first episode a listen and learn something new about the California "Cannabusiness" industry.


Search Engine Optimization

Along with redesigning the site from scratch, we wanted to get the site to the top of popular search results to increase the traffic flow to the homepage, ultimately to increase sales for the client. As you can see from the graph below, Evergreen Law had zero rankings, including for it's own brand name. After a few months of dedicated work with my go-to SEO specialist, Sunil Kumar, the site slowly gained traction and made its way to the top of multiple Google search results.

This is also due to the great copy which was custom-tailored with the SEO in mind, written by the very talented Joseph Jambor.

Click screenshots below to enlarge

Evergreen Law's Google Search Results


See It In Action


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