Mama D's Italian Kitchen: Website Redesign Project

Project Scope

Project Scope

I hold a handful of things close to my heart: family, friends, and FOOD.

Back in 2012 while living in Newport Beach, I had the privilege to serve at this iconic restaurant, which provided me with new friends who eventually became family to me. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to redesign their site. Not to mention, I wanted to add restaurants to my website wheelhouse along with small businesses and artists, so it was a perfect match.

The challenge with the Mama D's site was trying to make the site as simple to use as possible while displaying all the necessary information their guests would need in one place (and to find very quickly, I might add... hungry people are always in a hurry). Their menu and the pictures of their food/interior speak for themselves, so my goal was to keep the design out of the way while creating that (personally familiar) "Italian family kitchen" vibe.

Here are the tasks I had at hand when beginning the project:

Completely redesign the client's old site from scratch

  • Migrate the site to the Squarespace hosting platform
  • Re-route the current domain to the new host
  • Create a mobile-friendly version of the website

Incorporate an online ordering system

  • Simply connected the domain to an external 3rd party, DoorDash.

Incorporate a "modern, clean, minimalist" feel

  • "De-clutter" and reorganize the information to make the site as easy-to-use as possible

Maintain the Mama D's brand within the redesign

  • Make the website "feel" like the restaurant's interior feels: warm, welcoming, friendly, homey, and food-centric.
  • Find a simple, flat color scheme & contrasting, yet complimentary typography

Create a custom catering price quote form

  • Streamlines the process for guests to inquire about catering their events by immediately posing questions that determine the cost
  • In turn, streamlines the process for the client by eliminating the back and forth emails and providing them with one email that answers all the questions they need to ask to provide a quote.

Incorporate social media accounts

Set up custom e-mail addresses for owner/managers

  • A professional email address in the restaurant industry is a must, so I set the guys at Mama D's up with "" addresses to throw on their business cards
Mobile View

The mobile menu navigation.

Final Color Scheme

Final Color Scheme

(check out my favorite tool to find a sexy color scheme)

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.25.20 PM.png

Obviously inspired from the Italian flag... Paisan!


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